How To Store an EPC

Amongst the required documents to be provided to tenants before they sign the contract is the EPC.

Note: If you have gone through the tenancy checklist, this step will be complete with the gas safety certification and an electrical safety certificate (required for HMOs).

Getting Started

  • In the header, navigate to Properties.

You will be directed to a page listing your current properties.

Note: With the free version of PaTMa, you can only manage one property at a time. To add more than one property to your account. Upgrade to a Premium Account.

  • Click the Property Name you wish to add a task to.
  • On the property display page, scroll to locate the EPC column .
  • Click Add EPC

Filling In The Form

  • Issued Date In this field use the pop-up calender to enter the date on which the EPC was issued.

  • Document Click Choose File to upload a scanned copy of the energy performance certificate.

  • Rating In this field enter the grade set for the EPC evaluation

  • Once complete, click Save